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Who Said Sugar Free or Vegan Cannot Taste Great?

Liberté Chan - KTLA Channel 5 

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We cater to those with special dietary needs and requirements

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susan's sugar free vegan cookies
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Daniel's vegan cookies

Delicious vegan sugar free cookies.

6 years on shelves.

5 flavors.  Available in our original packaging

or our brand new packaging. 8oz boxes.

Sugar Free and Vegan Power Granola packs 10gr of protein 

and tastes delicious.

Big chunks for convenient snacking.

10oz stand up pouches. 2 SKUs  

2 different packaging designs available. 

Check out our new packaging.  Delicious vegan cookies.  5 SKUs.   7 years on shelves in hundreds of natural Foods markets including Whole Foods Pacific Region. 

12oz tin tie bags.

st Amour teething biscuits

One unique Teething Biscuit.

Vegan. On shelves for 26 years.

Ideal for private label.

1 SKU.  6oz box

Grace Lane's hemp cookies

Hemp is growing fast on the food scene. 

Gluten-free, vegan cookies.  Starting February 2019

they will come in attractive 6oz boxes.  Sure to become

a fast seller.  3 SKUs. Brown tin tie bag. 

Home made look. 


These unassuming little low sugar, low fat French vegan

bites have carried our company through

thick and thin.  Super steady sellers.

26 years on shelves in hundreds of Natural Foods markets. 5 SKUs - 10oz stand up pouches.

A staple in Mediterranean diets.


Buttery gluten free wafers that taste wonderful. 

On shelves for now over 15 years in hundreds of

Natural Foods markets.

2 SKUs.  6oz boxes.

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hemp protein

+ rice Protein

+ Pea Protein

Our Newest Addition



We are a manufacturer of packaged healthy cookies and granola, servicing natural foods markets and supermarkets.  Totally dedicated to addressing with delicious treats the special dietary needs of many as well as the general public.

Our products are Non-GMO certified as we use simple ingredients anyone can read

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