Some testimonials about Susan's sugar free cookies

Best Sugar Free Cookies Ever

Delicious taste and Healthy to boot!

Product Name: Susan's Sugar Free Vegan cookies - Chocolate

Tasty and fresh

I love these cookies!!! Tasty and fresh, especially the peanut butter ones.

Product Name: Susan's Sugar Free Vegan Cookies - Peanut Butter

Delicious, Healthy and Sugar Free

What more can one say?

Product Name: Susan's Sugar Free Vegan Cookies - Lemon-Vanilla


Oh these are so good! Really tastes like a special treat. I do wish they came in a resealable bag since I eat a couple at a time. They’d stay fresher.

Product Name: Susan's Sugar Free Vegan cookies - Orange & Chocolate Chips

Best cookies in our house!

We are so grateful we can purchase these cookies on your site since not available in our stores. These are the best and only cookies my wife eats, needing to avoid sugar. Thank you for making them and providing them!

Product Name: Susan's Sugar Free Vegan cookies - Chocolate

Oh Mercy Me.

I have been sugar free for about a month and I was ready to just go stir crazy so I quickly went to Whole Foods and I could not find a single sugar free cookies meaning ZERO. Finally there was on box of Susan's cookies ZERO sugar. I really didn't care what they tasted like I just needed a cookie. That cookie was so delicious that I ate the entire box. You would not believe that this cookie is sugar free so I just ordered from Whole Foods

Product Name: Susan's Sugar Free - Vegan - Almond

Best in Class

I’m pre-diabetic and want to keep it that way but I need a chocolate treat after lunch and dinner. Susan’s Oat & Chocolate cookie hits the spot and keeps me from eating things that I shouldn’t. I have tried a lot of cookies ranging from chocolate fla [...]

Product Name: Susan's Sugar Free Vegan cookies - Chocolate

And Many More ........

Strong Work Ethics

Strong Life Values

Quite a Woman !!!

Also Quite a Fabulous Cook

After a 35 year-long career as a high school language teacher, Susan is still heard at work

Susan Nicolas


Hi there,

I wanted to reach out to share that I am a huge fan of Susan’s cookies. I'm so grateful that your product has made it on shelves. I just wanted to also share that I am glad you pursued your goals and blossomed your dreams. 

Thank you again for your amazing product! 
Wishing you a blessed day. 




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